Recycling & Sustainable Practices

The construction industry is by its nature a significant user of natural resources and producer of waste products. It is therefore our collective responsibility to actively seek sustainable solutions and encourage the recycling of waste products wherever possible.

We are keen to prioritise this at N&J Building Services, actively working with our suppliers and clients to promote eco-friendly solutions to these problems.

Partnerships with Waste Management Companies: It is our commitment to reduce waste relating to our site activities, strictly requiring any waste management company that we use to mirror our commitment to recycling 80% of site waste products and our long term goal to reduce our avoidable waste to 0% by 2050.
Sustainable Practices: We are keen to promote the use of sustainable materials, requiring wherever possible that suppliers utilise materials which can either be readily recycled or reused/repurposed. We also encourage our supply chain, and also our own staff, to reduce their consumption of single use plastics in product packaging choices.
Reducing Emissions: Our workforce is encouraged to utilise vehicle sharing and public transport wherever this is practical, reducing the emissions and carbon footprint of our site activities. We also coordinate material deliveries with our suppliers to deduce emissions from transport vehicles, often organising larger deliveries at our main office location to be transported to various sites alongside regular trips by our labour-force. We also promote the use of walking and bicycles, providing our operatives with cycling routes and parking on all our sites.
In-House Recycling Centre We maintain our own recycling depot, affectionally dubbed our “eco-depot”, near our main offices in Belvedere. At this location we can coordinate and organise our waste
Cladding Recycling Service: With the rise of combustible cladding removal projects, more and more of this expanded polystyrene (EPS) is going to landfill. As part of N&J’s commitment to deduce avoidable waste, we have dedicated storage and processing capacity at out “eco-depot”. At this location we will process the EPS by removing any remaining render / contaminants, thoroughly clean and then compress the rest ready for easy reuse as regular polystyrene products – including packaging, flooring, storage and more. See more information below.